CubeCart series

10. Installing CubeCart from Fantastico

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel and accessed the Fantastico section

Now let’s learn how to install CubeCart from Fantastico. Scroll down

1) Click the CubeCart link

2) Click the New Installation link

3) After reading the above notice, if you accept you should check this box

4) Click Continue

5) Enter an install directory here

6) Enter an Administrator username here

7) Enter an Administrator Password here

8) Enter the full name of the Admin here

9) Click Install CubeCart

10) Click Finish installation

11) Click this link to view our new CubeCart installation

12) You can optionally have the details of this install sent to an email of your choice.  Enter your address and then click here

This is our new CubeCart installation.  We can use and configure settings from here.  Let’s close this window now

This is the end of the tutorial.  You should now know how to install CubeCart from Fantastico

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