CubeCart series

5. How to configure currency in CubeCart

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to CubeCart

Now let’s learn how to configure our currency

1) Click Currencies

This is the Currencies page where we can set the values for the different currencies accepted in our store.  Scroll right

2) Click Enable

We have now enabled that currency in the store.  Scroll right

3) Click Disable

The currency has been diabled in the store now. Scroll right

5) Click Edit

Scroll down so that we can edit the value of the Chinese Yuan currency

6) Enter a new value here

7) Click Edit Currency

That’s it!  Notice the value of the currency has changed here

8) Click Delete

That’s it!  The currency has now been deleted

This is the end of the tutorial.  You should now know how to configure your currency in CubeCart

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